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Are you a videographer, marketer, graphic artist, web designer, or copywriter?
Then this is the tool for you.

Just to explain a bit further….

We are web people just like you…. and we needed to figure out how to make our jobs better9 years ago, we made our 1st CMS tool.

We worked with clients for years. Now we have our latest version = Awesome!

  • Here is why it’s so good for web designers. Build your sites the way you want. Use the latest HTML5 and CSS, Bootstrap, or any other responsive-mobile grid systems, it just works.
    Then Zip it, Upload, and You’re Done. WordPress doesn’t do any of this. (Did we just say that out loud?) Access the HTML, CSS, and all the scripts at any time. Also, you can download the whole site, work on it, then upload and in minutes everything is back online, and in place.
  • The main benefit to you is many customers will be happy doing the easy stuff— can edit text, add photos, and upload PDF’s and keep their site current—all in a real WYSIWYG environment. They call you for the hard stuff.
    And the real benefit for you is… more completive because you can offer something the next guy can’t.
  • Another thing that makes us different—way more than CMS, it has plenty of drag and drop technology including Shopping Carts, Calendars, Custom Forms, and built-in HTML email marketing and it’s All in One Place!
    So you can give both you and your client full marketing without ever leaving our tool.


Newest Feature!! Business IntelligenceWeb Stats: all the pages, everything in eCommerce, email ONE PLACE.
Clients can now track everything in one place. If a page, email, or something in the cart needs improvement….

**We are offering a Premier Partner Program to ONLY a few select web companies by area…

Don't have the time, energy, or skill to take on that next web job? No problem!

eManagerSite also offers template packs that you can easily plop onto your client's site, turning them into gorgeous and creative websites.

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